Why use an Estate Agent ?


Selling a home is a major  transaction, financially and emotionally, so it should be worth considering an expert.

While doing the work yourself can save you the commission rates, you could end up paying more than the agent’s commission in the long run. The longer your property is on the market, the more time and money you will loose.

Selling and letting properties is a full-time job and extremely time-consuming. We do it for a living and have therefore a wealth of experience. Additionally, using an agent gives you legal protection.


Please find below a short overview, why using an Estate Agent will save you time and money :


We will provide a realistic valuation of your property, and it’s free for our clients.

Without Agent you need a separate valuation, which costs extra.


We start and manage an advertising campaign incl. preparation of exposé and photography to generate the most potential buyers and additionally your property is on our website with up to 15 photos.

Without Agent you will pay yourself for advertising, which creates additional costs.



We manage enquiries about your property and organize viewings.

Without Agent this is very time-consuming for you.


We act as messenger between seller and buyer and are therefore in a better position to negotiate, striving to achieve the best possible result.

Without Agent there can be wrong chemistry between buyer and seller that can kill a deal.


We prepare the Contract of Sale.

Without Agent you will pay a solicitor to prepare that contract.