Dress to Impress


Whether you are about to put your house on the market for sale  or you are waiting for potential buyers some time already, the best course of action for a successful  selling is to form the right impression for buyers. Sometimes it only requires some effort to market your property more effectively and successfully. Amongst other things, this would include professional photos, appealing design in web media, possibly some redesign of decoration, or the like.

One key for success is preparing and presenting a home for sale. Apart from the time, you will loose potential buyers while the property bobs up and down without appropriate preparation and updating. With improvement you will sell much faster and the selling price will increase by approx. 10% related to your investment spent on improvement.

Buyers need to imagine your home as their home. That means, your home has to be de-personalized. It is not your “home” which is for sale, but a “house”.

This starts from the moment they see the property. The first impression is formed within minutes of entering a property. They look for evidence that a house has been well maintained.

Talking about details, let’s start with the exterior. Paint the house if needed, the garden should have a neat appearance with some colour, have all windows glistening, etc.

Entering the property, make sure the paint-work is good. Carpets should be clean and not stained.

Talking about the interior,  people need to see clean lines without clutter and personal things around. Bedrooms should look clean but not personal, etc., there are many more details to be taken into account.

Within our consultation we can recommend what homeowners can do on their own to update their property and it will help your house show better. However, no list created during a consultation will be down to the last detail, as we are talking about hundreds of details.

The quality of work carried out is another fact to be considered. If you have  enough time, patience and expertise to pay attention to each detail, you will be a “lucky devil”. If this is not the case, it’s not only a waste of time, but also a waste of money. In reality it is cheaper and faster leaving the work to professionals than a price reduction.

If you want to market your property, to sell or to let, we offer free consultation without obligation. Our team of professional tradesmen will be happy to assist, efficient and free of charge.