Property Market – Our Opinion

The good news according to most finance experts are:  The recession is left behind.

Well, what does that mean for the Irish property market ?

Real estate prices are STILL  low for buyers in general. Interest rates are low, as well. This is mainly accounted for the financial strategy of the EZB and the US Federal Reserve.

Therefore the timing is ideal to buy a property and most likely there will not be a better timing in the foreseeable future.

Special attention: Long-term financing up to 20 years, fixed

In contrary to short-term financing – let’s say for 5 years – it seems to be more secure, to aim at a long-term finance (currently approx.. 4 – 4.6% p.a.).

US FED and EZB will not maintain their monetary policy forever.  This signifies that interest rates will be “re-negiotiated”  after a period of eg. 5 years. At least you are able to eliminate mortgage rate fluctuations for approx.. 20 years with a long term financing model. You will create more planning certainty even if you would start with a slightly higher entry-level interest rate.

However, the timing will not become better for buying a property than now.